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Tri Per Dü

folk music - world - ethno folk - gipsy swing

Tri Per Dü ist eigentlich eine Fusion von Musikern, welche ganz verschiedene musikalische Erfahrungen machten und sich nun fanden, um in der neuen Gruppe ihrer eigentlichen Leidenschaft zu frönen, nämlich der Aufarbeitung des traditionellen Repertoirs an Tessiner Volksliedern. Dazu schöpfen sie ... (more)

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Band - Original, Acoustic   Bellinzona, CH


Solo Singer or with Band (Duo, Trio, Quartet). Music for every kind of event.

Rossella is a Singer that performs as a solo Artist or with a Band. Bands: Ceremony. Choose the songs for your ceremony. - Rossella + Half playback (up to 4 songs) - Rossella + Guitarist (up to 4 songs) Apero / Dinner. A sweet background music. - Duo (Voice + Keyboard) - Trio (Voic... (more)

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Band - Big Band, Cover, Acoustic, Duo, Trio   S. Antonino, CH



Melodic Death Metal. More than 200 concerts and more to come!

We play with passion and we have more than 15 years live experience. Soulline supported Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Amorphis, Eluveitie, Soulfly, VADER, Six Feet Under, Moonspell, Pro-Pain, Illdisposed, and many more! We play mainly our own songs with some rearranged cover songs... (more)

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Band - Original   Bellinzona, CH


Rock'n'Roll Culture... on Stage!

Hey there! Are you looking for an awesome rock’n’roll show? An incredible mix of vintage rock’n’roll, with vintage instruments and unique sound, combined with vintage style dresses! An unforgettable event bringing together generations, to dance all night! Guaranteed!... (more)

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Band - Cover   Camorino, CH

UMBERTO ALONGI & The Band Experience

Professional LiveAct, solist or with band for every kind of event.

The Rock, Blues and Pop Rock Music is our music genre. radio sounds , two guitars , drums , piano and bass is generally our live sessions. We'll present the solo album currently on the radio playings and covers of most famous songs of all time, in Italian and in English . Nek , Sugar , Ligabu... (more)

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Band - Original, Cover, Acoustic   Lugano, CH


Swingando (Sweet jazz project)

88 tasti, 4 corde, tre pelli e due piatti in un moto ondeggiante variamente combinato

Tre amici che si incontrano e si ritrovano con passione e per il divertimento di suonare insieme un genere musicale del quale sono profondamente innamorati: lo swing. Siamo nel 2013, una telefonata, pochi accordi d'intesa e i tre sono già operativi con un repertorio che si sviluppa a partire d... (more)

Band   Bellinzona, CH



stoner rock psychedelic vibes space band

Gli AnnaPurna, band ticinese, dal vivo sono una bomba di sonorità anni ’90 e creano in un momento quello che è un set di puro stoner vibrante, a tratti blueseggiante e psychedelico, un ottimo sound con una qualità e un’energia musicale non indifferente. AnnaPurna sono da sentire, da veder... (more)

Band - Original   Bellinzona, CH

Romano Jazz Quartet

JAZZ ENSEMBLE with YOUNG SOUL will embellish your event with a BEAUTIFUL MUSIC

Our band is a perfect decision for Apero, dinners, exibitions, background music, wine degustation etc. We are classical musicians as well, so it's perfect also for the ceremony. Romano Jazz Quartet was founded by Italian jazz doble-bassist Ferdinando Romano, who chose three young talented m... (more)

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Band - Original, Cover, Acoustic   Lugano, CH

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