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Hey, my name is Nikola but I'm better known as Kholaps. I am a Dj and an original music producer as well. Knowing the technical aspects of the songs that I play gives me a huge advantage in creating incredible DJ sets. My biggest advantage however and what my customers value most, is my character and the fact that I can't get a smile off my face when I'm on stage. I love to create an atmosphere that makes people excited and gives them an experience they won't forget. This is achieved through many factors like song selection, performing and entertaining. The focus lies on you, the guest or customer needs to have the best night of their life every time and when our job is to just make them feel calm and not notice us in a lounge environment for example, we cater to the customer and make it the best lounge experience they ever had. My team consists of me, the DJ and performer, my photographer and my videographer. They make sure to captures the memories of every single event and make them accessible to the guests. We invest almost all the money from our shows and gigs back into our abilities and equipment, which is why you can always expect an experience that improves over time. Even though we are exceeding at all types of events, we are club/festival and private event experts as this is where the heart of Kholaps lies and where we are able to showcase our uplifting and professional experience most intensely. We arrive first and leave last.

from 250 to 1500 CHF
Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Corporate Event
  • Party
  • Birthday
  • Club Event
  • Festival
  • Seasonal Event
  • Background Music

Line Up Configurations
I as a DJ usually attend events and gigs alongside my team of one photographer and one videographer. However, depending on the customers wishes, this can always be customised on the event level.

Starting point:
Baden (CH) We travel up to: 100 km

Spoken languages:
German, English

  • Lights system
  • We have our own sound system up to 500 people

Set Up
For club events, we bring the music on a USB Stick to use on Club DJ-Equipment. For private events, the equipment we use is different for every venue in order to optimally meet customer satisfaction. When our team is providing the equipment, we need access to a functioning power supply. We need space for 1-5 people, depending on event and customers wishes.

Video of performances

Setlist Set List

The songs I play are subject to the event style (F.ex. if we play a bravo hits party, our music will consist of bravo hits, if we play a rave night, our music repertoire will consist of hard hitting rave music.) and always strive to meet the event criteria while still being unique to me and my presence as a DJ. I play music people want to hear but also leave room for excitement and these wonderful "wow, I love this song and haven't heard it in ages" moments.

References / Experience

Me and my team have lots of experience and can accommodate any situation. Kholaps has been booked at the clubs WERKK Baden, Sandoase Basel and Flösserplatz Aarau for example. Furthermore, we have worked for institutions like the KSWE Theater and done countless private events like birthdays, celebrations and even produced entire exclusive songs for our customers.


Kholaps is a 18 year old DJ and producer from Baden, Switzerland. He started making house music in garageband at age 12 and went on to create his own unique style using Logic Pro X some years later. Largely influenced by dance music icons like Calvin Harris or Tiësto, Kholaps was introduced to the world of DJ-ing in 2018.

Ever since then he was known for his extraordinarily energetic and uplifting performances, gaining the support of many local DJs and booking agents. His music has been supported by artists like M4rk Jordan and his social networks have gained the attention of countless artists including Retrovision, Mo Falk and many more.

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