Stagend decisions about cancellation policies (Covid-19)

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1 minutes reading (19 October 2020)



During the pandemic, all entertainers are bookable with standard cancellation conditions. This means you can receive a full refund of the performer's cachet if your event must be canceled due to pandemic restrictions.

Service Fee

Our service is normally non-refundable, but if you have to cancel the event for "force majeure" reasons, we will convert the cost of our service into a voucher of the same value that you can use at the next event.

Events 2021

We all hope that soon a familiar everyday life will return. Keep this in mind right now, entertainers are in high demand for events that will take place in the years 2021-2022. We are here to help you secure the best entertainer for your event in 2021-2022.

Stagend SA selected by INNOSUISSE for the scale-up program

Stagend SA selected by INNOSUISSE for the scale-up program

The scale-up coaching program is an intensive two-year program designed for Swiss startups. 16 startups have been selected and will benefit from the new program.

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