Ana Scent Music

from 630 CHF

Band - Ana Scents voice glitters silver, her glance sparkles golden. She is pop and anything but innocent!

What we offer


We play max. 90 minutes duo or solo performances. We love being on stage and would like to be part of your festival/event/party.

Feel free to contact us on

Members number: 1

Spoken languages: German, English, French, other

Starting point: Zürich (CH)

We travel up to: 300 km

Suitable for: Corporate Event, Wedding, Birthday, Club Event, Festival, Religious Ceremony, Ceremony, Seasonal Event

Sound System: We have our own sound system up to 1000 people

Lights system: We have our own

Price from 630 CHF

Cancellation policy: Standard

To perform, we need: We need space for 2 people with a drum set and synths. Power. 220V. Eventually a sound engineer and light guy.

03/16/2016 - Solo support show for YOKKO, Gare de Lion, Wil
11/17/2016 - Grabenhalle, St.Gallen
11/18/2016 - Musigbistrot, Bern
11/30/2016 - Amboss Rampe, Zürich
02/08/2017 - Exil, Zürich - Solo support for LEMAITRE
02/17/2017 - Fjord Nordportal, Baden
03/16/2017 - Werkstatt Chur, Chur
04/08/2017 - Mehrspur Musikklub, Zürich
07/20/2017 - Kulturfestival St.Gallen, St.Gallen - Support for THE SLOW SHOW
08/11/2017 - Sur Le Lac Fest, Eggersriet
08/21/2017 - Badenfahrt - Polygon Special Stadtmatrosen feat. Ana Scent
11/04/2017 - Bloom, Winterthur
05/18/2018 - Grabenhall, St.Gallen - Support for James Gruntz
We play our own songs. Find out more about it on .