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Be found
Be found
Get a ranking at the top of Google search results. Let event organizers find you when they search by artist type, event type or city.
An Agent at your service
An Agent at your service
Our agents help you to improve your page and quotes, find solutions and negotiate with customers where necessary.
Make your job easier
Make your job easier
Manage all your requests and booking in one place, keep track of your earnings with charts and save administrative time.
Secure payments
Secure payments
Thanks to the cancellation policy and the advance payment of the organizer, we guarantee you the proper security in case of problems and the prompt payment of the cachet.

What our entertainers say

New customers
New customers
Thanks to Stagend, my bookings have developed very positively. Many international customers and appearances! Before I only had gigs in Germany and thanks to Stagend now I play in the whole of Switzerland, Italy and France.
Sina Anastasia - Singer
Rachel Carmen
Stagend helps me so much
What I really like about Stagend is that they support me with my office work (which I don't like to do). This means that as soon as a booking is confirmed, I can rely on them not having to worry about the contractual and financial aspects. This is fully automatic. This helps me a lot and I save a lot of time. So I can fully concentrate on my job.
Rachel Carmen - Singer

Some corporate clients

How it works

How it works

1. Create your page

Create your Entertainer page on Stagend in a few minutes. Add a nice picture, a live video and a clear description of what you offer.

2. Learning Phase

Using the agenda to manage all your requests, and keeping your page up to date, both Stagend and its booking agents will get to know you and start inviting you to various customer requests.

3. Requests and Bookings

Customers or booking agents will send you requests for offers. Stagend will notify you by SMS and email. It is essential to respond quickly, within 1 hour maximum, so you have more chances to be booked.

4. Entertain

At every booking we celebrate! And we take care of the administrative part of the payment. It is up to you to organize all technical details and to entertain customers and their guests as desired and agreed.

5. Receive payment (securely)

We transfer payment to you 24-hours after the event, through our secure payment system. We take care of all payment online, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

6. Reviews

If you're good, we want it to be known! After the event we'll ask the organizer for a review. And you'll also have a chance to answer.

How it works
My Coke Music 2024 My Coke Music 2024


Download the information brochure to have all the information in one document.
crown free Free
crown trial Trial
crown newcomer Newcomer
crown rockstar Rockstar
Number of bookings Unlimited 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Organiser's contact details 36 hours after sending the offer 36 hours after sending the offer Immediately after the offer has been sent
Request status
Matching 1
Public list
Quality Badge badge free
badge free
badge free
badge free
Result display Normal Normal Normal With badge
Certification Included 2 Included 3 Prio Prio plus
Programs 1 4 4 6
Referral Program
StagendPay 5.9 % 4.9 % 4.9 % 3.9 %
Discounting tool 5% 4
Multiple page discount 25% on further pages
Price CHF 0.- CHF 0.- CHF 425 CHF 600
1 From 01.01.2024 those with the Free membership will no longer be suggested via the advanced technology system (matching) to potential customers.
2 Possibility of immediate certification (in one month) for a one-time fee of CHF 50, otherwise done when no other certification is pending.
3 Possibility of immediate certification (in one month) for a one-time fee of CHF 50, otherwise done at the latest after the first booking.
4 From the third booking within the 12-month validity period of the membership.

All the details you need to know

Now let's go into more detail and compare the various memberships. This gives you all the explanations you need to make a considered choice about which package is best for you. In case any questions arise, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Let's begin with some exciting news: there’s a fourth package, the Trial. As significant changes have been made to the previous Newcomer and Rockstar packages, we’ve decided to introduce the Trial package. Essentially, it offers the same benefits as the Newcomer membership but is limited to 2 bookings over a 12-month period, precisely to give people a taste of the benefits that the paid package brings. Once the second booking is made, you have the option to either purchase the Newcomer or Rockstar package, or switch to the Free package. It goes without saying, but we’d like to mention it anyway: by switching to the Free package, the services and terms associated with the Free membership will come into effect. After the Trial package expires, you will no longer be able to test it. At that point, you will need to decide whether to choose the Free membership, purchase the Newcomer package, or opt for the Rockstar membership. Here we'd like to mention that by moving from the Trial package to the Newcomer membership, the months of the Trial membership itself will not be taken into account; in other words, when you purchase the Newcomer package, a new period of validity starts. All other memberships are valid for one year, after which you must renew.

With regard to the number of bookings, and consequently also the number of requests, there’ve been no significant changes. In fact, you can receive an unlimited number of requests and bookings during the validity period of your membership. This applies to all packages, except for the Trial membership. In this case, the receipt of requests is limited up to and including the second booking. Therefore, once the second booking has been made, you can choose whether to purchase the Newcomer or Rockstar membership or to switch to the Free package.

Great, great news! It's been a long-requested feature, and we're thrilled to finally announce it: we will now provide you with the phone number of potential customers, allowing for more immediate and direct contact.
Before giving further details on this, however, we'd like to anticipate the following: the final choice of whether or not to give the customer's telephone number remains with the customer. Here's how it works in practice: when a potential customer conducts their search on Stagend and requests an offer from an artist, they’ll be given the option to provide their telephone number. If they confirm, the telephone contact will be forwarded to you.
There are differences in terms of when you'll receive the contact details. As indicated in the table, if you opt for the Rockstar membership, you'll receive the phone number immediately after sending the offer. However, if you choose the Newcomer package, you'll need to wait for 36 hours after sending the quote. So, with the Rockstar package, you'll have a 1.5-day head start.
Remember, you and all other entertainers are our partners, which is why we've decided to extend this feature as a pilot project. Bookings with new and/or recurring Stagend customers must still be finalised via the platform, as this is the only way Stagend can continue to grow and optimise its services.
We'd like to make the following appeal: please use this new feature respectfully. In the event that we're notified of any misuse either towards potential customers or towards Stagend, we reserve the right to step in and make individual or overall changes to this service.

Another exciting innovation in terms of the services we offer, available with the Rockstar membership, is the sharing of the status of a request. At this point, we'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who attended the catch-upin Zurich on the 2nd of July 2023, where this feature was suggested and requested.
Within the quote window, you will now find a new metric: the number of entertainers requested by the same organiserfor the same event. This information tells you how many artists you’re competing with, without revealing specific names, of course.
This service is also designed as an additional measuring tool for your success, to see if you are performing well and offering the right services, or if you have room for improvement.

Matching is an advanced technological system based on neural networks that enables event organisers to find entertainment tailored to their specific occasion. Using the details provided, such as the desired type of entertainment, preferences, event location, and budget, the intelligent algorithm will present artists with Trial, Newcomer, and Rockstar packages who best match the specified requirements in the search results.
But that's not all: the system also estimates the potential fees of individual artists and displays them on the search results page, thus saving everyone time. Consequently, the better maintained your Trial, Newcomer, or Rockstar page is, the higher the likelihood it’ll appear among the top matching results on Stagend.

All packages ensure your presence on the public list. Your page will then be accessible through the Stagend website.

Depending on the package you select, you’ll receive a badge upon completing the certification.
If you choose the Free membership, you’ll be awarded the Bronze badge. If you opt for the Trial or Newcomer package, you will receive the Silver badge. And if you select the Rockstar package, you’ll be granted the Gold badge.
The stars of each badge are dynamic and change depending on the rating you have on your page. Receiving a review is important regardless, but even more so with this system, as it could influence the purchase decision of future customers. During events, therefore, let the organisers know that they will receive an invitation to leave a review the next day, and also respond to the reviews you receive; it is integral for a good performance of your page on Stagend, for customer appreciation and for the bond created.

Depending on the membership you choose, your page may appear in both the public list and the matching results. By selecting the Rockstar package, your presence will be highlighted on the Stagend results page through your badge, positively influencing the decisions of potential customers.

"Regardless of the membership you choose, you'll have access to a dashboard that provides a range of information and functions. For example, you'll enjoy a comprehensive and intuitive overview of your requests and bookings, enabling you to closely monitor your finances and maintain control. Additionally, you'll have the ability to send customised offers directly to your customers from the platform, streamlining the process of acquiring and managing bookings.
With Stagend's dashboard, you’ve also gained a comprehensive administration system with which you can make invoicing and payment processing simple, transparent and secure for you and your customers.
Managing reviews is crucial for maintaining the reputation of your page, and from your dashboard, you can promptly and professionally respond to reviews, helping you build a strong online presence.
Finally, our metrics tool allows you to assess the effectiveness of your page on Stagend, providing you with key data to optimise your online presence and improve your marketing strategy. In summary, the dashboard we offer is a powerful ally for the complete and efficient management of your business. "

As soon as you register on Stagend, there will be several steps to complete your profile.
While it may seem challenging, rest assured that profile completion is a quick and automated process. It primarily involves a quantitative check. Upon completing this process, your dashboard will display the degree of completeness and any outstanding fields.
This initial phase, even though it focuses on quantity, is highly significant. It's during this phase that you create your business card on Stagend – your profile. With over 4’000 entertainers to choose from, competition exists, and a well-crafted profile with quality text and images can make a significant difference when potential customers make their choice.
Moreover, the materials you upload to your profile may be used for promotional purposes on social and other communication channels.

Certification is a secondary review process carried out manually by Stagend employees. This process sets itself apart by providing an additional guarantee of the quality and performance of your profile.
Certification is available to everyone but follows different timelines. With a Rockstar membership, you receive priority and are certified first. If you have the Newcomer package, your certification takes place after the Rockstar packages.
For Trial and Free packages, the certification process is also included, but with varying timing. If you have a Trial membership, you'll undergo this quality check once there are no entertainers with Rockstar and Newcomer packages waiting, or at the latest after your first booking. If, on the other hand, you have Free membership, you will receive the certification once the certifications of all other packages have been completed. For both memberships, however, we offer you the possibility of anticipating the certification and having it done immediately, for a one-off fee of CHF 50.-, within 1 month of payment.

In your administrative profile, you can prepare offer templates that can be instantly used when a request comes in. This simplifies the proposal process and saves time. These templates are saved in draft format, allowing you to select and customise them if adjustments are needed before submission.
As shown in the table, the Free package allows you to create 1 program, while the Trial and Newcomer memberships permit 4, and the Rockstar package allows for 6.
You can divide the programmes to your liking. Let's take an example: you're a magician and you do both shows for children and for the elderly, and for each of them you propose different arrangements - with the "programmes" function you can create an offer template for each of the proposals. Other examples: you're a musician and you propose a 1-hour ceremony, or a 3-hour package with ceremony, aperitif and party - again, you can create an offer template for each proposal you make, up to the maximum number of programmes for the membership you choose.

If a customer outside of Stagend requests your services for a date when you’re unavailable, you can now refer them to Stagend. Your personal recommendation page will enable the customer to search and discover a suitable alternative. If the customer books through the platform, you will receive a credit of CHF 40.-.

Naturally, like all other entertainers, you may also be hired by customers outside of Stagend. With the StagendPay payment management system, you can efficiently handle such bookings.
StagendPay operates in the same manner as Stagend's standard system, which you're already familiar with when booked through the Stagend platform. This means that the customer pays at the time of booking, the amount is held by Stagend until the day after the event, and then transferred to you once the show is over. It's a simple and secure method for all parties involved.
The cost of this service won't be charged to the customer, but a service fee will be deducted from the final amount, as follows:
  • Free: 5.9%.
  • Trial: 4.9%.
  • Newcomer: 4.9%.
  • Rockstar: 3.9%.
Utilising this payment management system offers you an additional benefit: the number of bookings is shown on your profile and gives customers confidence in your quality. If you've selected the Rockstar membership, this also means you can access the discounting tool more quickly. Moreover, regardless of the package you've chosen, customers can leave reviews on your profile, even if the booking was made externally.

There's no shortage of exciting updates, and we've heard your requests for this one over the years. Now, we're pleased to introduce it: a discounting tool. Yeah! Long story short, if you opt for Rockstar membership, after your second booking within the 12-month validity period of the membership, you'll be given a tool that will allow you to discount offers by 5% at your sole discretion for the remaining term of your membership. The best part? The 5% discount on the final offer price will be deducted from the Stagend service charge, not from your cachet.
For potential customers, the discount will be valid for 7 days after the offer is sent. After that period, the discounted offer expires, and the full-price offer remains valid.
Again, we appeal: it is a pilot project that we're happy to offer, but it has to be used thoughtfully and with diligence. Don't use it all the time, but only when the client asks for a discount or when you see that the budget is tight. It's also important that you don't undervalue your work in the eyes of the client by constantly offering discounts. In this context, the use of this tool is monitored and we reserve the right to step in and make individual or general changes to this service.

We have many artists who excel in various areas and offer different types of entertainment, and this diversity is fantastic.
At Stagend, we consistently recommend differentiating your profiles and creating one for each type of entertainment. This not only ensures quality but also prevents potential customer from getting confused.
In this regard, we've decided to offer a 25% discount on the membership price for each additional page for those who choose the Rockstar membership. This means you benefit from a price of CHF 450.- instead of CHF 600.- for each additional profile.

There’s not much to add to this section:
  • Free membership is free.
  • Trial membership is free, up to and including the second booking, for a maximum of one year.
  • Newcomer membership costs CHF 425.- per year.
  • Rockstar membership costs CHF 600.- per year.

Payment is due at the time of purchase, and at that moment, the package of your choice will be activated. From that point, the 12-month membership period commences.
During the 12-month period, you have the option to switch from the Newcomer to the Rockstar membership and pay the price difference. The remaining value of your current membership will be calculated and deducted from the cost of the Rockstar package. Upon payment, a new one-year period of validity begins.

We anticipate some questions

We asked ourselves: but if I were an artist, would I still have open questions at the end of reading this brochure? Obviously yes. That's why we propose this section to complete the information.

Engaging an artist through Stagend is a success story for us. Firstly, because our primary goal is to bring more happiness to events, and with each booking, we achieve this ambition once more. Secondly, it allows us to grow with you.
In addition to the price you set for your performance, there’s a Stagend service charge. This charge is billed to the client and is not deducted from your cachet.
In terms of numbers, the service charge has consistently been 20% of the final price you propose to the potential customer. This percentage remains the same whether you have the Trial package or one of the paid memberships. However, if you choose the Free package, the Stagend service charge percentage is set at 25%.

The Stagend service charge used to have minimum and maximum amounts of CHF 100.- and CHF 500.-, respectively.
With the introduction of the new memberships, changes have been implemented that affect all packages, regardless of your choice. Both the minimum and maximum amounts have been removed. The percentage of the Stagend service charge that depends on the membership is therefore added to the price you propose to the potential client, with no minimum or maximum amount.

Some entertainers chose to invest in Stagend during the crowdinvesting campaign that ran over a few months in 2023, and we're thrilled!
If you're a new shareholder and if determined by the investment package, you will receive the Rockstar membership for the contractually agreed term free of charge, without having to pay the price difference dictated by the new model. The period of validity will start upon expiry of the package you were holding at the end of the crowdinvesting campaign and will end according to the contractually agreed terms.