Moderate and strict cancellation conditions return

23 February 2022 News Entertainer

From Wednesday 23 February '22 we will reactivate the moderate and strict cancellation policy. We all have the same goal: to spread good vibes at as many events as possible!

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Bookings in a time of pandemic

25 November 2021 News Corporate

The pandemic situation continues to increase as we approach the end of 2021, but Stagend's policy of " standard policy " for all entertainers has managed to get many entertainers and organisers to agree in recent months.

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We encourage Bookings in a pandemic time (Update 19.10.2020)

19 October 2020 News

For this situation, we have decided to repeat last April's offer, trying to help you receive reservations

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How to celebrate in times of crisis

19 June 2020 News

Weddings and birthdays in the Corona crisis - What is allowed at a wedding ceremony or at a party in the garden - with family and friends and what not

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We encourage Bookings in a pandemic time.

06 April 2020 News

In these difficult days we have been able to talk to several of you and we want to thank you because each conversation has allowed us to learn something.

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How to handle cancellations in Covid-19 times

27 March 2020 News

We are at your service, to help you make important decisions. And behind the scenes we are working to improve Stagend to better support your future work.

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Some information about events situation

14 March 2020 News

Let's act responsibly and work together to find solutions.

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