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Tips general meeting for employees and January dinner



In the world of events we are always looking to the future and with the year 2023 nearly upon us, we have already assisted several of our corporate clients in planning their events, already reserving team activities and entertainers.



If you haven't already requested it, we offer our corporate clients a 30-minute no-obligation meeting to plan 2023 events and understand the entertainment, activity and team-building needs for team and client events. Find the perfect date and time for you here:





While we wait to hear from you, below we start to give you 2 ideas for the first months of the year for the team:


1- January is also the month of beginnings and the general meeting at the beginning of the year. Do you organise it? It is an important time where you get to talk about the past year's achievements and present new challenges and projects with goals and targets for 2023. It is often followed by a reception and allows the team to get involved by aligning goals and making everyone an integral part of the company's success.
Motivational coach
Grow your company and improve the corporate climate of the entire team through motivational coaching during the annual meeting.


Welcome your team to a surprise meeting in a cheerful setting with live music and finish the meeting by toasting to 2023 and future challenges with a professional DJ!
Golden Show


During the meeting, artists on black canvas draw an image or word that will only be revealed at the end of the meeting, it could be the key word of 2023! 



2) Also during the month of January, several companies decided to organise a company Christmas dinner, away from all the year-end stresses and employee private commitments. But what entertainment to propose to the team for an alternative dinner in January?
Cocktail Show


Acrobatic bartenders perform a real show while creating their drinks in any location and at any type of party.
Sand painting


Fascinating live performance accompanied by music. Each number ends with a reference appropriate to the occasion!
Mystery Dinner
Deciphering, interacting, communicating, ... not only a game but also a great team-building opportunity over dinner in a relaxed environment!


We assist you in planning your year of events and activities and give personalised advice with innovative ideas from the world of entertainment and team building. Book a no-obligation initial consultation now:


T. +41 71 588 03 02

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