We are pleased to share with you the report on our recent membership campaign

Membership Campaign: successes, feedback, and promising future

3 minutes reading (08 November 2023)

CEO Stagend.com

We are pleased to share with you the report on our recent membership campaign. This campaign has been an important milestone for Stagend and our community, and we want to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how it went, the lessons we have learned, and what we expect for the future.


How the launch campaign went

The launch campaign exceeded expectations, reaching the goal we had set. 90% of sign-ups were made without objection, while 10% of entertainers who bought a package wanted to get in touch with our team first to fully understand the new membership model. We are also happy to have welcomed new members who have created their own pages and taken advantage of the October offer.


Feedback received

The feedback we received has been the most valuable aspect of this campaign. We have welcomed a wide range of opinions, both positive and constructive. Many members have expressed their positive opinions about the opportunity to offer discounts and the chance to access customers' phone numbers if they choose to share them.

However, some have expressed concerns about the increase in the costs of individual memberships. The explanation lies in the improvement in the quality of the requests we are providing and the functionalities we have added to increase bookings.

Another concern is the removal of the maximum cap for our service charge, which was previously set at CHF 500.-; entertainment reservations with cachets above CHF 3’000.- often require additional administrative and advisory support, which the Stagend team is more than happy to provide, however, the previous cap did not fully reflect the value of our service, which is why we decided to make this change.



From this campaign, we have learned that our service is appreciated and valued, and that dialogue is very important to our community. In fact, it was great to discover how crucial direct contact and communication with the entertainers is. This has allowed and will continue to allow us to provide a beneficial and valuable platform and service.


Future predictions

We have immediately started with quality control for new members and focused on the most requested programs in order to serve our customers more efficiently. We are optimistic that our Net Promoter Score will remain stable or even increase thanks to the new features.

We also expect to see steady growth in our community, fueled by new memberships and the satisfaction of existing entertainers. In the upcoming year, we plan to add new artists to our catalog to fill in some gaps.



The launch campaign of the new membership has been a success, and we thank you for your support, valuable feedback, and for being part of this incredible adventure!

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