The go-to portal for discovering, searching, comparing and booking the right entertainment for an event

Stagend. Much more than just a list of entertainers.

4 minutes reading (22 July 2023)


While it is true that Stagend is the go-to portal for discovering, searching, comparing and booking the right entertainment for an event, the startup is also much more than that.

In order for this platform to work for both event organisers and entertainers, technology products have been conceived and developed that are already up and running, and others that are missing the finishing touches. Did you know?

Artificial intelligence-based matching system.

With our advanced neural network-based matching system, finding entertainment tailored to an event is a child's play. Just enter the event details - i.e. type, location, and preferences - and the matching algorithm takes care of the rest. The intelligent algorithm will work its magic to find the most suitable artists and performers. And it doesn't end there: the system also estimates the potential price so that the occasion can be planned in advance with a realistic budget.

Chat for communication between the parties.

The two parties have a chat available to discuss the quote and all details. All confirmed bookings are then displayed in a dashboard where all contacts, contracts and payments can also be found.

Payment management.

The concept here is very simple: on the day of the event, everyone should be able to focus on what really matters - in the case of the entertainer, on the performance, and in the case of the event organiser, on the occasion itself and the guests. This is why a payment management system has been developed where payment is requested from the organiser upon confirmation of the booking and paid to the entertainer the day after the event has taken place. In addition, there are cancellation policies that offer flexibility in case unforeseen circumstances arise. Peace of mind and security therefore come at the right time.

Authentic reviews.

Let others have their say, and without filters: customers who have booked entertainment through Stagend can leave a review after the event, and the entertainer concerned can respond. This, let's call it a culture of feedback is important for both parties but also for those who come from outside and are interested in making a booking - to read what those who have already had an experience thought of it.

Dedicated service

True, this is not a technological product but nevertheless an important pillar of Stagend's reality: behind the system there is a team of people offering support and targeted advice for a customised experience. Both for businesses and private customers, and for entertainers.

New services on the way.

Stagend is constantly developing and, in addition to steadily improving what is already in operation, there are products in the company's pipeline that are one step away from launch. The first is a service for managing payments of entertainers' bookings made outside the Stagend platform to still offer the peace of mind and security that is needed for all parties involved. The second is a product more aimed at companies as it is a system for planning events for an entire season.

The reality of Stagend is constantly evolving and there are many products and projects under consideration, ready to be brought out and developed. This blog post therefore closes with a quote from Heraclitus: "Nothing is permanent except change.".

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