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About us
About us


Live bands. Party DJs. Jazz ensembles. Classical quartets. Soloists. There are a lot of great musicians that can turn your special occasion in a memorable experience for all your guests. The Live bands. Party DJs. Jazz ensembles. String quartets. Soloists. But also magicians, clowns and many more kinds of entertainers. There are a lot of types of entertainment that can turn your special occasion in a memorable experience for all your guests. The hardest part? Finding the right entertainer for your event.

Stagend.com collects and categorizes a large number of entertainers, so that you can find & book the most suitable one for you, quick and easy.

Make your event memorable. Get the perfect entertainment!

About us
About us

The company

Started from scratch December 2010, the unmeasurable mad dedication of a few fellow crazy music & entertainment lovers, has made Stagend.com become a fully integrated online booking platform for entertainment, which collects musicians, bands, djs, magicians, clowns and other entertainers from Switzerland and from the neighbouring regions of Germany, Italy and Austria. Along the road, the company has received a few awards, honors and support from a few public and private organizations (CTI Start-up Label 2014, Startups.ch Award 2011, CTI Coaching Acceptance, CTI Project 2011, ATED Award 2010, Agire Invest and CP Startup).

The Stagend way

Cheerful & Friendly

We are cheerful and with friendly attitude we allow fantastic moments of happiness.

Solution oriented

We listen to problem to create the best solution.

Clear & fast

We don't want to get lost in words, we want to get to the point quickly


We celebrate the win and the good news


We strongly want the happiness of everyone: organizer, guests, entertainers, suppliers, employees. In two words: "Successful event"


We build trust with communication and transparency

We give

and give and give. Even more than requested. To people, in general.

Why book an entertainer with Stagend?

A large variety of unique entertainers

1. A large variety of unique entertainers
We have got a big and growing entertainers community (4000+) of any kind - live band, DJ, magician, clown,... . Whatever event you are organizing - a company dinner, a festival or your wedding - here you can find the perfect entertainer.

Best Price

2. Best Price
Speak with the entertainers and directly book the most suitable artist for your occasion. This is even done at a better price than what is offered by traditional agencies.

We help you

3. We help you
Whether you are still looking for the right entertainment or you have already booked someone for you event, you can write us at . We would love to help!


4. Safe
Life is unpredictable, but when you are organizing a special event you don’t want any unforeseen to happen. By booking in Stagend.com, you have a friend who will help you find a substitute entertainer to save your special occasion and let people (and yourself) enjoy the party.

For anyone

5. For anyone
You don't need to be the artistic director of the Montreux Jazz Festival to make the right choice. All you need to know is what kind of event you are organizing, what kind of entertainment you like and your budget. But if you are the artistic director of the Montreux Jazz Festival or any other professional organiser, with Stagend.com you can discover new artists and do what you usually do, just much quicker.
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