After Freedom Day, also lifts the block on cancellation conditions

Moderate and strict cancellation conditions return

1 minutes reading (23 February 2022)


Dear Stagenders,

This is it! As of Today, Wednesday 23 February 2022, we are reactivating the moderate and strict cancellation policy.

Please note: If you have negotiations that started before 23 February 2022, they will still be on "standard" terms. If you want to change them, you have to inform the client and we will be happy to adjust the offer for you.

We all have the same goal: to get out and spread good vibes at as many events as possible!

Update your agenda, enter your future bookings and most importantly, if you are approached for a non-free date, send your client the referral link you can find on your dashboard: If that client buys through Stagend, you will receive money!

Best regards,

Stagend Team
Marco, Cima, Martino, Claudia, Angela

PS: If we are late with some answers, please know that we are working hard for you ;)

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