How much does corporate event entertainment cost and which one to choose?

4 minutes reading (09 November 2022)

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There are different types of entertainment to make your corporate event special. The one in line with your corporate event depends on the mood and target you have set. From the must-have Party Band to the after-dinner DJ to the more innovative laser show and gaming. But which to choose and how much do they cost?


Determining the type and cost of a programme for your corporate event is never easy, as several factors influence the choice and final price of the entertainer:


  1. Suitable location for a corporate event (ask us for location advice!)
  2. Number of participants
  3. Time of year
  4. Popularity and professionalism of the entertainer
  5. Special wishes.


The choice of entertainment for your corporate event is linked to the above points. Will the evening take place indoors or outdoors? How much space is available for guests and entertainment? Is it a formal or informal setting? Classic entertainment or more extravagant? Our Stagend team will advise you on the best entertainment for your corporate event!


But let's start with the unfailing Party Band & DJ combo. The Party Band (CHF 2’500 to CHF 4’000) or Gala Band (starting from CHF 4’000) will heat up the atmosphere during the welcome drink and dinner, ending with the DJ (CHF 1’000 to CHF 1’500) who will bring the whole team together in a party atmosphere.


But why not impress your guests with an impressive show? There are all tastes and genres, from fire show (from CHF 900), acrobatic shows (from CHF 750) and laser show and LED dance (from CHF 2’400).


In recent years, more and more corporate clients, who choose Stagend for their search for entertainment, are opting for a Magic Comedy Show (CHF 1’200), close-up magic tricks with your guests and a show for all, with an elegant Jazz Band (CHF 2’000) playing in the background for a sophisticated yet youthful atmosphere.


If, on the other hand, the mood of the event calls for an extremely elegant ambience with classical music, a perfect background for a classy ambience could be a solo (from CHF 800), duo (CHF 1’200) or trio (CHF 1’600) or string quartet (from CHF 2’500).


Entertainment to immortalise your occasion? A photographer (from CHF 500), a photobooth (from CHF 630) or a caricaturist (from  CHF 2’000) to capture moments between colleagues, clients or partners help create lasting memories of a memorable event.


Are families also present at the event? Don't forget the entertainment for the little ones who will be engaged in the various activities and the parents more relaxed in interacting with the other party members. Facepainting, magic, balloons, clowns, bouncy castle, ... (from CHF 500)


P.S. Are you on a tight entertainment budget? Among our 4000+ artists we will find a suitable alternative to bring a moment of joy to your event.


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