Unexpected and last-minute entertainment for your corporate event

2 minutes reading (12 October 2022)

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Many ideas for last-minute entertainment for the corporate event all employees are waiting for...

The company dinner is the most important corporate event of all the small or large events organised during the year. It is the short moment when bosses, employees, colleagues and partners come together in an informal environment to get to know each other better and to consolidate team spirit. For this very reason, it should not be a simple dinner that one is "obliged" to attend, but an unforgettable moment that the employee remembers throughout the year.

And how can you make it unique? Impress your employee with an entertainment that becomes a talking point between coffee and meeting. Below are some of the many ideas we have for your entertainment:


Creating lasting memories of company celebrations is a great HR solution to keep existing and future employees in a positive mood throughout the year. In addition, you can also hang photos in meeting rooms or break rooms. It is also a good criterion for future employees to judge the spirit and values of the company towards the employee.


Group games like table football for 32 or 64 people create cohesion and stimulate people through competition, cooperation and confrontation. Especially at an important event like a company dinner, it is possible to organise a tournament between departments or between groups of colleagues before or after the meal.


Impress your employees with a unique surprise show. The surprise effect of an entertainer is always much appreciated, especially when there are no expectations. This show will be remembered for a long time...

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