How to handle cancellations in Covid-19 times

2 minutes reading (27 March 2020)


"I'm afraid they'll cancel my May, June and July events too."
"A client canceled an event in June, how do I act?"
"Events are only blocked until April 30th, it's not right that they cancel events after that."
"We're already thinking afterwards, we're focused on the agenda from September onwards."

Dear entertainers,

These are just a few points we've gotten from you. And the last one is deliberately included as an example of focus.

Let's tell the truth: it is useless to fool ourselves, each one of us must unfortunately realize that there will not be any Bookings for this spring. Probably many will be recovered in the months to come, but the truth is that at the moment no one knows how long the virus emergency will last and therefore it is practically impossible to plan events between now and August.

At this difficult stage, it is important to remember that the organisers are as much a victim as we are as entertainers. So the only winning way to manage customer relations during this period is to "Let it go". Do as Roger Federer would do, go out elegantly, without expecting anything from the client, it's not his fault and it's important to get good promotion for when all this is over.

So what to do if a client tells you they want to cancel the event?

  1. Never lose the kindness with your clients. Roger Federer never loses it, and for this reason he is respected and loved by many;)
  2. We at Stagend assume that clients only want to move the event, and we assure you that 90% of the cases agree to move the event, even on birthdays. Let us know right away if you know of a client who wants to cancel the event, maybe he doesn't know that he can postpone it to "date to be defined". We are here to help you keep as many bookings as possible.
  3. If the date is postponed:
    1. It is important to leave the booking on standby without requiring the client to set a new date immediately. As mentioned before, it is counterproductive, because the client himself is not in a position to know when he will be able to make the event.
    2. Are you not free on the new date chosen by the client? It may happen, but don't worry. We will help you find a replacement and if successful, we will pay you a percentage of our share of the commission! (usually 20.- CHF, but during the emergency Covid-19 Stagend decided to split our commission with you, so depending on the final price, from 50 to 150 CHF). (write us on [email protected])
  4. In case of cancellation:
    1. For events until August 2020, we recommend that you accept the cancellation. If in doubt, you can always consult with us first.
    2. We have cases where entertainers have offered a video conference performance in exchange for a small part of the price. Guitarists, magic shows, singers to surprise the celebrants or the team even in quarantine. Why not?

We are at your service, to help you make important decisions. And behind the scenes we are working to improve Stagend to better support your future work.

A virtual hug from the whole team at this difficult time for everyone,
Marco, Lorenzo, Martino, Claudia, Angela, Miguel, Klaudia, Tania

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