How to celebrate in times of crisis

3 minutes reading (19 June 2020)


Weddings and birthdays in the Corona crisis - What is allowed at a wedding ceremony in the registry office or at a party in the garden - with family and friends and what not? With how many people can you celebrate? This is how you can celebrate in times of crisis.

If you want to plan a celebration during COVID-19, we know that there are a lot of questions. The most important one at the beginning, please remember to get informed about the specific rules first.

You could do this under this link here Federal Office of Public Health BAG Switzerland

At the moment, gatherings of up to 1000 people are permitted in Switzerland. Taken in this number of people, not only the guests, but also photographers and staff are responsible for the catering of the guests. Find out which protection concepts have to be observed for the respective event

The prerequisites for this are always the following

Keep your distance. Here you should be able to estimate how much is possible depending on the premises If distance is not possible - then wear a mask

Observe hygiene - so always wash your hands well

We know that on days like these, especially after such a time and after a long-awaited reunion, people want to hug each other, but social distancing is still a thing , so always be aware of that. Find out which protection concepts have to be considered for each event

Do not let this situation stop you from honoring your wedding day or the child's birthday.

Our tip to you: possibly move away from traditions and create new possibilities, ideas and an unforgettable experience for your family and friends with the help of our artists. Our artists will be at your side for advice and are open to new ideas - just like us agents.

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