We encourage Bookings in a pandemic time.

3 minutes reading (06 April 2020)


Dear entertainers,

In these difficult days we have been able to talk to several of you and we want to thank you because each conversation has allowed us to learn something. We will continue to call and write to you because we want to make your concerns and difficulties our own, to help you in the best way possible to overcome this crisis and start thinking about "afterwards".

When we started working in Stagend, we had a clear mission: we wanted to help artists have more opportunities to perform and bring happiness among people to their special occasions. Covid-19 did not change our mission.

At the moment, however, no one knows exactly when we will be able to return to celebrate a birthday or wedding with friends and family, or have a dinner party. Not knowing what to do, the organizers have stopped. In fact, we are receiving very few requests, and hardly anyone wants to take the risk of confirming a booking anymore, especially for fear of having unpleasant discussions and having to pay something in case of cancellation or postponement of the event.

We want to help you continue to receive reservations, helping the organizers to plan on time.

To remove all obstacles to reservations, we believe that in a period of extreme uncertainty like the one we are experiencing, the only solution is to suspend the STRICT cancellation policy until further notice. The message will be:

"Discover and book without obligation. Pay only when you are sure the event can take place".

We are convinced that this will help to maintain a dialogue between you and the organisers, so that they will contact you even if the date of the event changes. Or to put it differently: better to receive 10 requests and 3 "non strict" bookings than 0 requests...

What changes?

From Tuesday 7 April 2020 until further notice, all quotes sent by entertainers who have the STRICT policy will be sent with Moderate policy. If you disagree, please let us know. We will put your membership on stand-by so you can use it only when the situation has normalized. In the meantime, so as not to disturb you unnecessarily during this period, no new requests will be sent to you.

Thinking about afterwards is necessary in order to put these difficult months behind you. We look forward to helping you to close reservations for the September-October weddings, for the November and December corporate holidays, for the 2021 weddings.

We look forward to a boom of events when this emergency is over. Together we are confident that we will be able to accommodate and satisfy the traffic of requests and we will all benefit. For a customer that you will have to leave because he has moved the date, there will be another one coming because the entertainer is not available on the new date.

Together we are stronger and we will overcome this crisis. #EntertainerIsAJob

Virtual hugs,

Marco, Lorenzo, Martino, Claudia, Angela, Miguel, Klaudia

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