We are the only pirate folk band in Italy, and one of the few in Europe!

Band Torino
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What we offer

We play pirate folk, we are dressed like pirates, we act like pirates! Arrrr! Our music has its roots in the tradition of the sailors and pirates coming from the celtic islands: England, Ireland and Scotland. We play original (written by ourselves) and traditional sea shanties, pirates' songs and folk dances.
We are totally acoustic: voice/bodhran, fiddle/backing vocals, guitar/backing vocals, tin whistle/backing vocals. But we can play even on a stage with amplification.
We have been playing for festivals, taverns, squares, weddings, and all you can imagine!
Our site is: brigadapirata

from 940 to 1880 EUR
Entertainment length:
from 2 hours
Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Corporate Event
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Birthday
  • Club Event
  • Festival
  • Ceremony
  • Seasonal Event

Starting point:
Torino (IT) We travel up to: 400 km

Spoken languages:
English, Italian

Set Up
We don't need anything to play: we can play totally acoustic, even among the people. But if you prefer, we can play amplified on stage. In this case the best solution is using shotgun microphones (2 is the minimum, best 3 or 4).
We are 4, so we need room for 4 people.

Video of performances


Traditional (some examples):
Spanish Ladies / Randy Dandy oh
Bully in tha alley
Morrison's jig
What shall we do wi' a drunken pirate?

Original (some examples):
Captain's belief
Ma in gabbia mai
Dead ahead we all go


Captain Walt Boozer (Walter Castagno)
Since 1989 sings, plays guitar and bodhran. A lot of years on the stage. Learns guitar with Master Pino Russo, and vocals with Master Donata Pinti.
Quartermaster Gabriel El Chiel (Gabriele Zoccolan)
Guitarist of great experiece and tecnique. He has learned guitar by many Turin city Masters. He teaches guitar. He plays folk since more than 20 years.
Bo'sun Tidal Wave (Gabriele Bunino)
He plays whistle, clarinet, drums, and sings. Many years on the stage.
Lookout Killdinner (Walter Matacena)
He is graduated in violin at theconservatory G. Verdi of Turin; From 1999 to 2003 has played for “Pavarotti International”; he has played with F. De Gregori, L. Dalla and C. Baglioni.

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