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Roberto “Cato" Picinali, born in 1976 at bergamo, began playing guitar at the age of 18.

In summer 2009 start new project CATO. come, first power-trio project and then only Roberto Picinali from 2013.'s Songs Cato mixes pop, rock, blues, funk and soul.

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Bergamo (IT) We travel up to: 100 km

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Impianto audio e back line se possibile.

Video of performances


- Accendimi
- Luna
- Veloce
- Diverso
- Mario
- Man8
- Confusione
- Princess
- Honey Drip
- Oceano di sogni
- SO Close to Being Fre
-I Need You Back
- Across the Pond
- I'll Make It
- Living My Dream
- Who Are You


So many projects in which he took part but the most significant came in 2000 with Namaste, a group that blends reggae, funk and folk produced four discs that a live activity. Namastè melt in 2007, Cato joined the Luino, has produced one demo with four songs but broke up in 2009.

The first ep, still a trio, is the 2010, is titled "Ocean of Dreams" and gives the opportunity to Cato to undertake an intense live activity that will never have a moment's rest until today. In 2012 it was the turn of the single "Princess" Cato (vocals and guitar), Andrea Castelli, drummers, Diego Bernardi on bass, playing in Switzerland. In mid-2014, the first record in the long run simply titled "Cato" and accompanied by the music video "Accendimi" made by Alessandra Beltrame.

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