Scared baker

Clown, acrobatic, juggling, pizza freestyle

Entertainer Milano

What we offer

Clown bakers: acrobatic pizza and lot of flour. Street and theater version. NO words show!

Most important dates: Expo gate Milano, Clown&Clown Festival, Shangai tournée

from 1130 EUR
Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Club Event
  • Festival
  • Seasonal Event

Starting point:
Milano (IT) We travel up to: 200 km

Spoken languages:
Italian, French, other

  • Lights system

Set Up
If travelling is by plane, we need a big table for our performance. Nothing else

Video of performances


We can play two street show a day (40') or 1 theater version show (60').
Is also possible to subdivide the show in three or for parts (5', 10', 10', 15')

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+41 (0)71 588 03 03 or write me an email
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