Digital Pirates

Live, more live and only LIVE with a great L.

Musician Basse-Nendaz
Agenda available - many dates available

What we offer

Digital Pirates is the live ACIIIIID downtempo St.Paul project.

It is maybe the one which best define St.Paul music. It guides the public into his own universe. Afro-indian rhythms, unbridled funky bass line and psychedelic waves, the Digital Pirates sound is unique.

Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Party
  • Club Event
  • Festival
  • Background Music

Starting point:
Basse-Nendaz (CH) We travel up to: 300 km

Spoken languages:

Set Up
A good audio system & monitoring with sub bass, a stable power & 1 stage platform of 2m x 1m

Video of performances


Acid house downtempo Liveact

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