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What we offer

Dj cachet (Starting from 200CHF)
2h djset, without PA and all accomodation and travel costs not included. 360° Music styles, Club music hits, reggaeton hip hop dance, reggae, etc... . Experienced disc jockey.
Open format dj, I mix all music styles, I put energy on the dancefloor.

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Members number: 1

Spoken languages: German, English, Italian, French, other

Starting point: Canobbio (CH)

We travel up to: 300 km

Suitable for: Corporate Event, Wedding, Party, Birthday, Club Event

Entertainment length: from 3 hours to 1 hour 30 minutes

Sound System: We have our own sound system up to 100 people

Lights system: We have our own

Price from 250 CHF to 1880 CHF

Cancellation policy: Standard

To perform, we need: I need dj console and PA audio equipment and a dj box monitor, dj console should include 2 cdj with vinyl mode or 2 dj turntables and a dj mixer with xfader.

I play all kind of music style, dance music for the dancefloor.
He was born and grew in Lugano; a Swiss citizen with Italian origin. The love and deep passion for music identify his style of life; he is a collector of vinyl records and a music producer, at continuous search for the novelties on the market music scene. His instrument is the turntable with which he can create new sonorities by mixing different sound styles. Ala is spinning records for more than fifteen years, he starts observing how to handle a crowd with two arms on MKII, learning to listen the records and trying to understand the strength of a beat, a hook, an intro, a break. He mixes with an unmatched versatility (the urban style, because it is his foundation, but he can also play disco, club music, party tunes, electro rap, latin music, reggae). He brings to the clubbers their share of good vibes.
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