Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia

music from Italy to Quebec

Band Como

What we offer

We play italian traditional songs (no Vasco, Capossela or Gigi d'Alessio) whit the quebecois sound; this mix is perfect if yuo think we mix our music whit French style.

Fiddle, melodeon and piano, cappella choir and foot tapping.. and that's it

from 1000 to 1880 EUR
Entertainment length:
from 3 hours
Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Corporate Event
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Club Event
  • Festival
  • Seasonal Event

Line Up Configurations
Piano/voce, organetto/voce/podoritmia, violino/voce, contrabbasso, caller

Piano/voce, organetto/voce/podoritmia, violino/voce, caller

Piano/voce, organetto/voce/podoritmia, violino/voce
Piano/voce, organetto/voce/podoritmia, caller
Piano, contrabbasso, violino

Piano, violino
Piano, organetto

Starting point:
Como (IT) We travel up to: 250 km

Spoken languages:
English, Italian, French

Set Up
We have no service audio, but we bring the instrument's professional microphones

Video of performances


Our project is a mix: north italian traditional songs mixed by quebecois style

References / Experience

La band esiste dal 2007: in 12 anni abbiamo suonato nei festival folk di tutta europa e perfino a Lima (referenze sul nostro sito web)


Legends, stories, songs, ballads and dances from the North of Italy are “spiced” with sounds, melodies and rhythms from different regions of Europe and America: from the romanticism of French mazurka to the overwhelming energy of the Quebec reel. A fusion music between folk and jazz, between tradition and innovation, which involves and captures the audience dragging him on a playful musical journey full of energy and complicity and characterized by the joy of the feast and by the good music pleasure. Accordions, sax, piano, guitar, fiddle and voices together with foot tapping.

The repertoire ranges from European folk dances, in couple and in groups (scottish, waltzes, mazurkas, circles, bourrées, rondeaux, chapelloises, Endro, etc.) to the music of Quebec, the French-speaking Canada (a sort of mélange between the Celtic-Irish folk and the French chanson of Breton-Vendée origin).

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