Ekat Bork

She is both author & performer in our world, an inexhaustible storyteller that penetrates the heart

Band Capolago
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Ekat expresses herself by writing the lyrics in English to her own music and parts of arrangements. She faces up to issues that concern her, projecting an extraordinary explosion of colour and images that demonstrate her enigmatic personality.

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Capolago (CH) We travel up to: 100 km

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- Gyps
- The Girl with the Black Dog
- Miracle
- Full of Violence
- The Wold is Dancing
- Niet
- Wild Nature
- Wonderland
- Black Bird
- On my Moon
- Duishek


Ekat Bork was born in Ussuriysk, Russia, where you can still find one of the rarest species of tiger, the Ussuriysk tiger.

As a child she loved to sing traditional Russian ballads and won several singing competitions.

At 16 she abandoned the little that she had in her life and escaped on the Trans-Siberian to St. Petersburg.

In 2007 she moved to Switzerland where she studied "singing and contemporary writing and production".

In October 2011 she had the opportunity to work with the artistic producers Francesco Fabris and Sandro Mussida who believe in her and leave her plenty of room to express herself, and the executive producer Silvio Cattaneo.

Ekat Bork created an album with eleven songs written by herself and recorded in 10 different locations around the EU, from simple like her own bedroom, to the most prominent studios like the Officine Meccaniche in Milan.

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