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Musician - GOT TALENT candidate / Singer & pianist as Solo or Duo / Background, jazz, latin, lounge repertoire

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Dear Sir madam :

Thanks for all your kindness. My name is Elva Bai Iam a International professional pop and jazz sing and songwriter.lam perfect for corporate events and weddings.currently now I living and studying in a
beautiful country called Switzerland.I have been completed and diverse a resident jazz singer in five-star’s hotels ?High-lever Club?Company event. I had performance different country .Example: Switzerland, HongKong,Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Shanghai.

Place included: : Renaissance Hotel Zurich, Alpina Hotel ,Bindella Resturant ,Marco Polo, The Ritz-Carlton, Holiday Inn , Shangri-La hotel ,Continental Hotel , Crowne Plaza Hotel,

l Started my career as a jazz singer during the early stages. Style of songs, Performs varying styles of music including jazz, latin, bossa nova, pop, rock, etc.

Versatile singer and songwriter can perform in Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) French, Spanish, English and German

I have A very natural and colourful vocalist. I will brings the emotions straight to your heart. Elva's voice is sweet, pure, attractive, powerful and full of magnetism and emotion. When the famous chanson-singer from Berlin, Cora Frost, heard her voice the first time, she said: “This is very beautiful! It is relaxing! Very nice. I want the cd.”

If you're interested in finding out more about Jazz Singer Elva, Please don't hesitate to get in touch with stagend back office or today drop a requiery message to me. I will be so glad to receive them all from yours .

Your sincerely


Members number: 1

Spoken languages: German, English, other

Starting point: Zürich (CH)

We travel up to: 200 km

Iam available for soloist or Duo. I am jazz and pop singer also a pianist and Dancer. I also cooperate with Swiss local jazz band. One jazz pianist and one drummer and double bass.

Suitable for: Corporate Event, Wedding, Birthday, Club Event, Festival, Religious Ceremony, Ceremony, Seasonal Event, Background Music, Party for Kids

Sound System: We have our own sound system

Lights system: We have our own

Price from 400 CHF to 2200 CHF

Cancellation policy: Standard

To perform, we need: I bring all the systems. Keyboard and ,Microphone shelf also soundsystem .Performing clothes!

2016 Albums sale and promotion in China marketing 23 province,
please see the following link :

2017-2018 I'm halfway through writing and recording an new album. My specialty is I am the only one Chinese singer who can sing and expression the western feeling and also know how to combine both culture together make an crossover music.

TV, media show and Swiss radio station:
„Schweiz Talent 2016“


setlistJazz song
? It only a paper moon C
? Satin doll G
? Fever Am
? Rout 66 F
? Smile?D
? Fly me to the moon? ? G
? Girl from Impanema F
? Misty Bb
? At last???F
? The masquerade Gm
? Cheek to cheek F
? Fragile

Latin song
? One note somber bA
? Mas Que nada Dm
? Oye como va Am
? Girl from impama F
? Love for sale bB

Pop Song

? My love is your love
? When you believe D
? I will survive
? Isn’t she lovely bE
? I always love you A
? Saving all my love for you A
? Hero E
? If I an’t got you G

Asia song:

Chinese Song all is originally keys
? The moon represents my heart C
? Strolling life
? Love you
? Sweet smile
Die Song Schreiberin

Was treibt sie an, den Schweizer Markt zu erobern? „Musik kennt keine Grenzen. Wenn Du eine gute Melodie hast. Vor kurzem habe ich einen Song mit deutschen Wörtern kreiert. In der Zukunft werde deutsche Musik mit chinesischem Feeling singen. Wenn die Musik gut ist, ist es egal woher du kommst. Mit guter Musik kann man die ganze Welt erobern und die Herzen der Menschen berühren. Ich liebe dieses Land und ich mache etwas Neues. Ich habe ein internationales Musikgefühl“, sagt Elva Bai.Und sie hat auch hier eine Fanbase: 30 000 Chinesen leben hier, Familien und Studenten.Sie hören ihre Musik gern. Ihre Vorbilder sind Mr. Li Lian Je – er ist ein bekannter KungFu Filmstar. Im englischsprachigen Raum auch bekannt als Jet Lee. Elva Bai bewundert vor allem sein soziales Engagement für Kinder und alte Menschen.

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Andreas: When I met Elva for the first time, I was fascinated by her story, her strong will and her fragile soul. Elva knows how to turn her innermost outward and to combine all these qualities in her music. Above all, it is also an extraordinary phenomenon with an inviting aura and a beautiful appearance.