Federico Soldati

Professioneller Mentalist - Dritter Platz bei Italia's Got Talent!

Magician Neggio

What we offer

Federico Soldati has been successfully entertaining audiences at numerous events for over ten years. His excellent language skills (he is fluent in Italian, French, German and English) and his vast artistic repertoire make him an expert and versatile entertainer who can adapt to any circumstance.

The main element of Federico’s performance is mentalism, the field of magic in which the classic tricks of magicians mingle with the real abilities of the human mind. In fact, he performs numbers and demonstrations based on psychology, statistics, body language, intuition, memory techniques and the conditioning of thought processes.

The result is a lively and fascinating show in which the boundary between fiction and reality diminishes, giving way to a dimension full of amazement and disbelief.

The audience is, of course, the most important part of the show. Federico interacts with his spectators in an elegant and friendly manner, in a succession of impossible predictions, Russian roulette, instant mental calculations, telepathic observations and extraordinary mind-reading demonstrations.

The show normally begins at a strategic moment of the event, on a small stage (if available), and it lasts about forty-five minutes (the amount of time may be adjusted from twenty to sixty minutes, as required). If necessary the show may also be split into two twenty-minute slots performed at different times of an event (for example, in-between dinner courses). Also, if the size of the venue or the circumstances of the event make it impossible to gather all of the guests together at the same time, Federico also is able to perform directly among the dining tables with close up magic and mentalism numbers.

Entertainment length:
from 30 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes
Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Corporate Event
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Birthday
  • Seasonal Event

Starting point:
Neggio (CH) We travel up to: 500 km

Spoken languages:
German, English, Italian, French

  • Lights system

Set Up
If there is a large audience a small stage is needed.
The artist usually brings his personal microphones.

Video of performances

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