Forty Shades

Band - Forty Shades is an atmospheric metal band from Switzerland like In Flames, Mercenary or Entwine

What we offer

Fitting together like a well tuned machine, the individual gears of Forty Shades form a drive(train) which emphasizes their strength, precision, passion and devotion for distinct spheric-metal-rock orchestra.

Forty Shades is ready for the stage and wants to abduct fans and friends of spheric-metal into a new musical dimension unknown before; let Forty Shades transport you LIVE to unknown paths of atmospheric-hard-rock-epiphanal bliss!

Members number: 1

Spoken languages:

Starting point: Biel/Bienne (CH)

We travel up to: 100 km

Suitable for: Party, Birthday, Festival, Seasonal Event

Sound System: We don't have one

Lights system: We don't have one

Cancellation policy: Standard

- Heaven
- The End
- Black WInged Sun
- Love Lane Princess
- Pillars of Doom
Forty Shades is an atmospheric hardrock band of six, founded in 2007 Solothurn, Switzerland.

The current lineup of mid 2012 clearly demonstrates that Forty Shades is capable of launching the listener into unknown orbits of otherwise musically well trodden trails, venturing onwards towards an excitingly refreshing sonorous experience.