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FOYK - Feuershow, LED-Show, FlowArts, Hula Hoop, Objekt Manipulation

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What we offer

We have various shows that match a variety of events and themes.

We love to make every single one of our shows unique and like to incorporate your brand, your wedding song, names, logos etc.

We offer:
-Romantic shows for weddings and proposals
-Epic action for your corporate event
-Swingy circus vibes for your party
-Flamimg hearts, logos, numbers and letters
-Precisely choreographed pyrotechnics added to our shows

And of course we love to dress accordingly!

Most shows are available as solo performance or duett and some are possible even with more performers.

Get in touch and we‘re happy to create a special show for you!

from 1200 to 6600 CHF
Entertainment length:
from 10 minutes to 25 minutes
Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Corporate Event
  • Wedding
  • Party / Birthday
  • Festival / Seasonal Event

Line Up Configurations
1 Solokünstler
2 Duett
3 Trio

Show zusätzlich mit Pyrotechniker
Walkacts mit mehreren Künstlern

Starting point:
Hombrechtikon (CH) We travel up to: 300 km

Spoken languages:
German, English, Italian

  • Lights system
  • We have our own sound system up to 250 people

Set Up

For smaller fireshows we need 4x4 metres with a height of 3.5m

For our duett we feel fine with 8x6m , 4m height.

Depending on the size and type of the event we need 230V AC powersource fot our soundsystem.

If there are lighting fixtures on site we‘re happy to adjust the settings before the show, otherwise we‘d prefer a dark stage.


the smallest possible stage to play a choreographed lightshow with one person is 3.5x3.5m with about 2.8m height.

But 6x4m would be more convenient.

For 2 people or more we‘re happy to have around 8x6m and 3.5m height.

For bigger lightshows we need videoprojectors and hazer, that we also could bring if needed.

Video of performances


Wir bieten professionell inszenierte Shows für jeden Anlass und jede Location, egal ob Corporate Event, Hochzeit oder Geburtstag.

Nebst unseren bekannten Duetten mit Poi und Fächern sind auch unsere Acts mit 1-2 Feuerhulahoops, fliegendem Stab und Feuerseilen immer sehr beliebt!

Weiter bieten wir:

-Brennendes Feuer Herz
-Firmenlogo oder Schriftzug mit Licht in die Luft gezaubert
-Brennende Schriftzüge, Zahlen und Logos
-Feuershows mit Pyrotechnik

-Lichtshows mit Videoprojektionen und Special Effects

References / Experience

„Die Feuershow von Foyk hat uns an einem Winterabend ein tolles Highlight beschert. Die beiden Künstler sind professionell und kreativ und haben für beeindruckende Feuereffekte gesorgt. Die Darbietung hat uns sehr gefallen und wir würden die Artisten weiter empfehlen!"
-Firma Egon Zehnder aus Zürich.

"Herzlichen dank für eure Flexibilität und die super tolle Darbietung!!! War genau das was ich erhofft hatte! Das Brautpaar und alle Gäste waren soooo happpppyyy!!! merci aus Bern. Und ig hoffe bis gli wieder mal!!"
-Heinz und Franziska

Einige unserer Kunden

Christian Dior Parfums
Marriott Zürich
Alstom Schweiz AG
Egon Zehnder
DHL Schweiz
Planzer Transport AG
Optotune AG
Uster on Ice
Regionalwerke Baden
Stille Kracht 2015, Casiontheater Winterthur
Schweizerisches Paraplegikerzentrum Nottwil
Eventalm Rümlang
ETH Zürich
Psychiatrie Wil
Stadt Wil
Klingnauer Chlausmarkt


The name „Foyk“ origins in a swiss german play on words and means something like „playing with fire“. The performance group currently consists of the two artists Andeli Zumbühl and Thomas Reich. They indeed do play with fire, emotionally and physically and bring it to all sorts of events.

Their main goal has always been to draw the audience into another world during their performances. In the 8 years working together they have developped an extraordinary sense to create the desired ambience at those events. Among their clients are brands like Dior, Piaget, Swarowski, Audi, Leica, Marriott and PWC alongside with many private parties like birthdays and weddings.

Despite the fiery name, Foyk also plays with a variety of other elements, such as light, air and the magnificence of optical illusions, preferably connected to further geometrical dimensions. Especially the current LED-technology has caught their attention. The ability of displaying images in midair like a holograph is just one of the stunning effects that are possible with this cutting edge technology.

Besides their talent on stage they both teach their art at a variety of occassions and create new concepts. Andeli has mainly been focussing on hulahoop and her very own creation, silk & hoop. She has become one of the internationally well established teachers and a driving force in the scene.

Thomas on the other hand loves the vast variety and finds a creative use in almost any object. While working on new effects he came to develop one of his original creations, the MorphingCube. It is a flexible cube that can be manipulated to form many different geometric shapes.

Together they are continuously on the mission to push the boundaries of their art and harness the flowstate that comes along with it.
All to finally share it with you and your audience.

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