from 1500 CHF

Band - We're now touring to promote our first EP! Be with us!

What we offer

Funkasutra is not just exclusive foreplay music; it presents itself as a guide to a virtuous and gracious living that also discusses the nature of love.

With fresh original compositions and well revisited cover songs the crowd will get what he belongs; the perfect entertainment with high level performers. With songs blending elements of Funk, HipHop and Reggae, we take the best of all worlds.

Members number: 8

Spoken languages: German, English, Italian

Starting point: Bern (CH)

We travel up to: 200 km

Suitable for: Party, Birthday, Club Event, Festival

Entertainment length: from 1 hour 30 minutes

Sound System: We have our own sound system up to 100 people

Lights system: We have our own

Price from 1500 CHF to 3400 CHF

Cancellation policy: Standard

To perform, we need: 12 Cannel Mixer, 4 Monitor ways, 1 Vocal Mic + stand, 3 Brass mics (clips), 2 D.I.'s, Drum mics (at least Bass Drum and Snare Drum), Bass amp (4*10") and Guitar amp.