How to Entertain

How to Entertain
How to Entertain

Create Your Artist Page

We encourage you to make your entertainment talent available on Stagend! Whether you’re offering a classic music ensemble, a jazz quartet, pianobar, a party band, an original band, a DJ set, magicians, speakers, clowns, etc. you can list your Entertainment for free.

Description and services

Event Planners often search for specific Entertainment for their events, so accurately describing your Entertainment offers will help attract the kinds of Event Planners that are best for you. When introducing your Entertainment offer, answer important questions like whether or not you have your own sound and/or light equipment and include helpful details about your Entertainment, such as the kinds of event your most suitable for, how long is the show, additional services you can offer, famous artists similar to you and your set-list.

Pictures and videos

Both a nice picture and a live video help Event Planners picture the quality and pertinence of your Entertainment for their event. Make sure to upload a nice photo and an adequate quality video, which are representative of the Entertainment you’re currently offering. Nowaday’s technology allows you to take lush pictures and record nice videos easily on smart phone or tablet. If you don’t have such a device, ask your friends, they may have even a better quality camera. Contact us if you want feedback or advice on how to easily improve your actual picture and video on your Artist page.

Pricing and availability

You know your Entertainment offer best, as well as terms at which you accept a booking request and your city or region avarage cachet for similar Entertainers; so we let you decide the price and terms at which to close a booking.

Respond to Requests

Event Planners who love your Artist page will want to book you! On Stagend, you have the option to respond and communicate directly with the Event Planner, to ask or give more information, discuss the quote for that event, accept or even refuse the booking.

Entertain Your Guests

Once you have a confirmed booking, it’s time to prepare for the event! From practicing for your show, to checking the condition of your equipment and instruments, to planning your trip to the venue… The Entertainment in Stagend is the finest artform.

Preparing your Entertainment

Check your equipment before heading to the venue and coordinating with the Event Planner to make sure that all the needed equipment will be at the venue on the day of the event. Plan an early arrival at the venue, in order for you to be ready before the doors open.

Not all Event Planners are event experts. Many could even be organizing their very first event, not understanding many of the things that you might find easy (i.g.: weddings). Listen to their wishes and worries and try to advise and help them create a memorable event for them and their guests.

If you like, think about how to make their event even more special, including a small surprise for the Event Planner, the guest of honor and/or all guests attending the event.

To learn more about what it means to be a Entertainer in Stagend, visit our FAQs.

Coordinating arrival and departure

Use our messaging system to arrange the details of your arrival and departure with the Event Planner, as well as of the equipment in loco (at the venue), or that you need to bring.

Being available during the Event

During the event, be available (at the venue or on the phone) to help the Event Planner remedy any issues that may arise.

Writing reviews

Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Stagend's trusted community. We encourage you to write a review and share comments about your experience with the Event Planner the days immediately after the event. The event Planner has the opportunity to review you and your Entertainment too!

Looking for more info?

Visit our FAQs to learn more about how Stagend works.