Repertoire of pop-rock, folk, reggae and jazz, with guitar, ukulele and voice, as a solo artist

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Jelila, it's a concentrated of pure energy through a thirst of sharing contagious joy thanks to music holding messages chosen carefully. Through her selected covers that range from pop rock reggae to folk and jazz in English, French and Spanish, this incredible solo artist is transmitting emotions that cannot leave you indifferent and that speak the universal language of love. With her voice and ukulele or guitar, she has the power to unite beyond any mental fences. Taking part at the Voice of Germany 2018, Jélila shined through her originality. This international troubadour is expressing her deep sensitivity that speaks straight to the hearts. With her be assured to have a break in space and time to unite to the beauty of humanity.

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  • Corporate Event
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Zurich (CH) We travel up to: 500 km

Spoken languages:
German, English, French, other

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battles @ the voice of Germany 2018

Jelila the Troubadour

youtube channel Jelila Bouraoui


Jelila is a self-made Swiss Tunisian singer, song-writer, composer and musician. She started performing during 6 years in the Parisian corridors of the metro ( underground ) from 2007 to 2013 and then started traveling around the world since 2013 as a troubadour, thirsty of discoveries, sharing, love and freedom. Initially graduated in dance, sport sciences and english, she chose to follow her heart and jump into the so attractive and inspiring unknown that music was offering her. To her, music is the universal language of love that goes past all mental fences and thus connects humans beyond their apparent differences toward the union of their similarities which is seeking love, peace and joy.

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