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What we offer

Magnetfisch are specialists for instrumental pop music, combining synthesizers and guitars to their very own music style.

Members number: 3

Spoken languages:

Starting point: Bern (CH)

We travel up to: 100 km

Suitable for: Party, Birthday, Festival, Seasonal Event

Sound System: We don't have one

Lights system: We don't have one

Cancellation policy: Standard

we play our own songs (45 or 90 min. Setlist)

Original songs:
- Fledermaus
- Must be Schnetzer
- Lennitz
- Al Qa Selzer
- Propangasmaschinerie
- Hoppla!
- Der kleine Durchbruch
- Le royaume de Chexbres (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)
- Contre la crise (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)
- Scheebr Garten (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)
- Slurmz (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)
- Fruchtkönig V1 (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)
- Rolizel (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)
- Zebra
- Aquarium
- Abyss
- Citeyes
- Narrentanz
- Spacescape
- Futureeighteen
- Friendzy
- Adverse Adverse
- Alizarine
- Tunnel (1994 ghost mix)
- le feu au lac (1994 Lamartine mix)
- ex-on (1995 blacksnow mix)
- Ex-on
- Musik mag Herbst
- Tin Can
- Vendredi 13
- Meerheit
- Slurmz
- Scheebr Garten
- Le Royaume de Chexbres
- Contre la Crise
- Electrocker
- Science Friction
- Courant d'ère
- Aubaine urbaine
- Prinz Zweithaar
- Börsewicht
- Der blaue Held
- Raumstift
- Fluchtzeug

and more!!
At a New Model Army Gig in 1998, Patrick and Timothee decide to found a new band. In summer 2001, they record the first Magnetfisch full length album "Fruchtkoenig" at Marco Liechti's "Luce Studios". 2002 Rolf Althaus joins in as a bass guitar player.

In 2010, they first release their EP "The Early Years 1"), a selection of seven songs from the starting period of the band, followed by the EP "some very old songs". With Benjamin Stoll, they record their third EP "The Chexbres Trilogy" in spring 2011, and then "Rarotonga" in fall 2012. In an intense collaboration, remixes and reworks are regularly being made by Swiss dark techno/house video artist The Web () and Australian singer-songwriter CXXXVI. Magnetfisch are currently preparing for gigs in Switzerland 2013, as well as working on their next release in 2014.
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