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Ihre Songs bringen ins Schwitzen, zum Mitsingen, gar dazu, zu glauben. An etwas, das grösser ist als dieses Leben. Euphorie. Und dann geht das Licht an. Die Nacht ist vorbei. Und ein Lächeln auf dem Gesicht. Auch wenn niemand geschlafen hat.

NECKLESS picture NECKLESS picture

Members number: 5

Spoken languages: German, English, French

Starting point: Winterthur (CH)

We travel up to: 400 km

Suitable for: Club Event, Festival

Entertainment length: from 1 hour

Sound System: We don't have one

Lights system: We don't have one

Price from 1250 CHF to 5400 CHF

Cancellation policy: Standard

- Light A Star
- Goodbye
- Crazy
- No Faith No Tears
- Big Dice
- Wonders And Spells
- Caught In The Heat
- Jebediah
- Infinity
- Times
- Lonely Fight
- Sinocracy
- Chips
- Epilogue
- R.O.S.I.E
- Bow and Arrow
- Nemesis
- Free Fall
- Snooze
- Interlude
- Solitude
- So Nigh But So Far
- Free Fall
- Lorelei
- The Machine
- Underdogs
- Lines
- By Now
- Intergrown
- Crown And Carrier
- Grow Grow Grow
- Changing Moments
- Recolor
- Leave Me Alone
- Perfusion
- Salad Days
Set List
NECKLESS creates sounds that have never been heard before from Swiss bands. The band excels with catchy, grand and anthemic songs, borne by gut-slamming bass and guitar lines, and raised by spherical synthesizer sounds. Cleverly thought out drum beats and the charismatic vocals of lead singer Marcel Sprenger top off the massive sound of the quintet.

Music critics agree: the multifarious music of the young Swiss band is reminiscent of the conjuring nature of Muse and the theatricality of Queen. But they aren’t the only ones NECKLESS succeed to convince with the novel sound of their album “Perfusion” (March 2012): the band has straightaway made it into the playlists of major Swiss radio stations, was to the finals of the largest Swiss music competition, was chosen from the major Swiss music radio as best talent of August 2012 and had been invited to star in several TV shows all across the country.
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