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2 minutes reading (11 May 2021)


Zurich / Lugano - Stagend, the platform where you can book any kind of live entertainer for any public or private event, announced today that thanks to a partnership with NValue AG, all live shows organized through Stagend will be powered by 100% renewable electricity. 


There are many measures to be taken when you want to organize an event with a low impact on the planet. Culture and its operators have been wondering about this issue for some time and even in a time of deep crisis due to the ongoing pandemic, it is important to act and reflect. This in order to start with the right "foot", try to minimize our impact on the environment and, above all, set a good example for the people who attend cultural events.

The organizing phase of summer events is buzzing. "In this pandemic year we have often thought about the restart of cultural life," says Marco Alberti, CEO of "We expect a major wave of events as soon as possible. So we thought about making the electricity used by entertainers at our clients' events renewable. We care about respecting the environment, so we offer a solution to give organizers and artists the opportunity to reduce their impact during live events."

"Today, people are seeing more and more large corporations and multinationals commit to reducing their environmental impact and consuming renewable energy, and they appreciate that. But it's important to be aware that we all have an impact on the environment, and that we can all do our part to reduce it," continues Dania Piccioli, CMO of Nvalue, "and what sector if not the cultural sector is best suited and closest to the general public to take the lead and set a good example? Nvalue, as a Europe-wide renewable energy provider, has been committed to promoting the use of renewable electricity for years. The partnership with Stagend was therefore a natural choice, especially since it allows us to raise awareness among a very diverse audience. Stagend's customers are in fact private individuals, bars, restaurants, hotels, tourism organizations, private and public companies. We are therefore proud and happy to know that all the electricity consumed by the entertainers at the events organized by Stagend in Switzerland in 2021, will be 100% renewable, thus automatically allowing to reduce the environmental impact of these events."

Many initiatives and associations have sprung up in recent years in this area. The latest is the Swiss association "Vert le futur" - for a sustainable culture and events industry, which is committed to unite the various players in the industry by passing on best practices and developing new initiatives to raise awareness. Also the movement "Music Declares emergency" is growing in our latitudes with the aim of raising awareness: "no music on a dead planet" is the slogan of their campaign. With this pilot project, Stagend recognizes the environmental impact of events and is committed to improving its processes and raising awareness among organizers, entertainers and consequently their audience.


About Stagend SA
The mission of is the same as that of the entertainers: to bring good humor to events. The organizers have at their disposal a catalog with more than 3'000 entertainers through which they can easily find the most suitable entertainment for their event. Entertainers have at their disposal a tool to support their craft, which allows them to receive and manage requests and reservations for future events, as well as secure engagements and related payments. Launched in 2015, is available in 4 languages with entertainers active throughout Switzerland. In early 2020, Stagend SA was recognized by the Innosuisse Scale-up program to be poised for significant growth, but subsequently had to halt 90% of operations due to the pandemic.
Moreover, starting this year, through a partnership with NValue AG, will offer an additional guarantee of quality to its audience: each show reserved on the platform will use 100% renewable electricity.

About NValue AG
Nvalue is a provider of renewable energy and climate solutions, with more than 12 years of experience in providing the most appropriate tools to enable companies and energy distribution companies to achieve their environmental goals, both in terms of offsetting and neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions, and in terms of renewable energy consumption, energy efficiency and supply of renewable electricity and gas products. Nvalue is active in Switzerland and Europe through its offices in Lugano, Lucerne, Amsterdam and Varna. 
From this year Nvalue is happy to power with renewable electricity all the live entertainment at the events promoted by 


Stagend SA selected by INNOSUISSE for the scale-up program

Stagend SA selected by INNOSUISSE for the scale-up program

The scale-up coaching program is an intensive two-year program designed for Swiss startups. 16 startups have been selected and will benefit from the new program.

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