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SOUTH AMERICAN WAYS : a journey through the melodies and rhythms of different americas

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A project by Patrizia Di Malta (vocals and percussion ) with a staff that varies from 3 to 6 people, which sees alternating at her side Manfredi Trugenberger and Gino Marcelli on piano, Attilio Zanchi and Luca Garlaschell on double bass, Armando Cornell Descarga (from Cuba) and Kal Dos Santos (Salvador, Bahia ) on percussions, Pierluigi Ferrari and Nené Ribeiro on acoustic guitar, and Giovanni Digiacomo sax .
SOUTH AMERICAN WAYS is a journey through the music of the other Americas: Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and other territories that have seen European influences mingling with African traditions and transplanted in South America. The world-jazz repertoire vintage finds inspiration in the Latin American tradition from the beginning of the '900 to nowadays; works by authors such as Baden Powell, Jobim, Chico Buarque, Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla, made famous by Frank Sinatra, Caetano Veloso, Elis Regina, Astrid Gilberto, but also songs of Henri Salvador, Serge Gainsbourg, Cesaria Evora, Mayra Andrade. Argentine tango, Cuban boleros, choro, bossa nova and samba, fado and Cape Verdean morna ... with a jazz flavor.
An exciting show, rhythmic and sensual, romantic and inspiring, adaptable to any situation, from birthday parties to theatre shows, Jazz Festivals and weddings ... refined and executed with skill and creativity.

from 1500 to 2200 CHF
Entertainment length:
from 2 hours to 3 hours
Cancellation policy:

Type of events
  • Corporate Event
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Birthday
  • Club Event
  • Festival
  • Ceremony
  • Seasonal Event
  • Background Music

Starting point:
Milano (IT) We travel up to: 500 km

Spoken languages:
English, Italian, French, other

Set Up
PA at least 12 channels with voice effect, 2 aux lines, min 4 monitors
PATRIZIA (voice + percussions):
- 1 microphone type Shure SM58 with boom
- 2 or + percussion microphones with booms (depending on the set)
- 1 monitor (aux 1 line)
GINO (piano):
- Amplified piano, if present
- L + R inputs on he keyboard
- 1 monitor (aux 2 line)
ATTILIO (bass):
- 1 DI / acoustic bass input
- 1 monitor (aux 2 line)
KAL (percussion):
- 1 mic overhead boom
- Percussion mic set with booms according to musical set (to be agreed)
- 1 monitor (aux 1 line)
- 1 mic with boom
- 1 monitor
PIERLUIGI (guitars):
- 1 x input amp electric guitar (when necessary)
- 1 x input DI + DI
Lights data sheet:
1 open steady light from the stage (for everybody)
3/4/5 fixed headlights, including 1 more open x the singer

Video of performances


The best South American Songs since 1916, and much more!
Madalena (Elis Regina); Samba e amor (Chico Buarque); Agua de beber (Astrud Gilberto); Bésame mucho (Diana Krall); Jardin d’hiver (Henri Salvador); Perfidia (Nat King Cole); Historia de un amor (Luz Casal); A rà (Caetano Veloso); Amame como soy (Omara Portuondo); Regresso (Cesaria Evora); La javanaise (Juliette Greco); Nha sibitchi (Mayra Andrade); Vuelvo al sur (Astor Piazzolla); Insensatez (Astrud GIlberto); Corcovado (Frank Sinatra); One note samba (Frank Sinatra); Desafinado (Frank Sinatra);Tu pálida voz (tradicional); Dança da solidao (Marisa Monte); Carinhoso (Marisa Monte); Volver (Carlos Gardel); Wave (Gal Costa); Madalena (Ivan Lins); Once I loved (Frank Sinatra); Meditation (Jobim); O morro nao tem vez (Ellis Regina); Inutil paisagem (Elis Regina); Arrastao (Elis Regina); Canto de Ossanha (Elis Regina); Berimbau (Baden Powell); Flor de Lis (Djavan)...

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