Willie Pure (Solo Performer: Guitarist/Singer)

from 630 CHF

Musician - I'm a high end and versatile musician that can play all kinds of songs as requested!!

What we offer


I'm a long experienced guitarist-singer and have performed with variety of artists and musicians local as well as international. I have played in clubs, hotels, bars, dance hall as well as in huge open air concerts and studio recordings all over west Europe as well as in the Asian region before I came over to Europe. I also played in the famous Montreux Jazz Festival sometime ago. BUT I also do small gigs private and commercial business events as well as wedding and exclusive birthday parties all over west Europe.

I have a versatile style of playing and together with my loop machine and my voice processing unit I can produce sounds that make people sway and sing along. I always gain tremendous appreciation from event managers and party organizers. And most of my performance usually end with tremendous applause and people crying for more even if they have to pay for every half an hour extension of my performance, that's very true! And what makes me authentic is that I don't copy songs but instead create my own arrangements which fascinates my audience all the time. I produce the sound of a 4 or 5 men combo and can jam and extend each song for as long as I want just like a live band jam session. Again, I create new arrangements and I play and record every instrument that you hear on my loop machine and play with it. Not like those cheap one-man entertainers who buy midi files and playback files, play from A to D and that's it.

I'm also willing to play special requested songs feasible to my personal talent and ability and as long as my equipment can support. Try me and you will never forget the experience... and I'm sure you would want to see and hear me perform again soon!!

p.s.*I can provide some videos of my performances but mostly done in my music room because since I have been performing and traveling alone, there's nobody to shoot some video clip for me, or else I will have to pay someone to do it.

Thanks for your interest.,,

Members number: 2

Spoken languages: German, English, other

Starting point: Muttenz (CH)

We travel up to: 200 km

Suitable for: Corporate Event, Wedding, Birthday, Club Event, Festival, Seasonal Event, Background Music

Sound System: We have our own sound system up to 200 people

Lights system: We have our own

Price from 630 CHF to 2670 CHF

Cancellation policy: Standard

To perform, we need: I would prefer performing on stage or a platform of at least 3 x 3 square meter and a little bit elevated from the dance area due to my instrument settings particularly my pedal units, microphone stand, etc.! And if I have to put up my own lighting equipment then I have to have more space.

It's a MUST for me to receive the fee in cash as soon as I finish performing, may it be in concert, studio recordings, special or casual events alike.

If I have to travel more that 200km from my residential area, I would require an overnight accommodation plus maybe breakfast (not obligatory) for two persons because I always have a technician with me for technical support in all of my performances everywhere on the planet.

I have played in almost all big hotels in the cities and ski places in west Europe, like *Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz, *Zermatterhof Hotel in Zermatt, *Bellveau Hotel in Davos, *Hotel Schweizerhof in Lucerne... etc.,etc....

I also have played at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival as well as *Kursaal Casino in Bern with international jazz musicians and singers. I also had been touring with the famous american soul diva Wilma Ridding in different concerts in Holland during the 80s.

As I have already mentioned, I have been playing on the stage since I was 10 years old, sometimes together with my father who had an 18 man band orchestra in our country in the late 60s and 70s. That's how I gathered all my musical routine and experience and made me able to play *any kind of song at our present time!!

Due to this talent it's very easy for me to create new arrangement for any song and arrange the appropriate chorus, jazzy or gospel like.
Since it's very limited what can be uploaded and publish in this site, please check my actual repertoire of songs on the link below...


I have a wide variety of music in my repertoire. I adapt my setlist to the proposed event, regarding the crowd type and ages variation to make everyone happy and enjoy an unforgettable event with me!
Set List