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My bookings

How will my email address look to other people?
What do I do if an organizer wants to meet before booking?
How are my response rate and response time calculated?

Your response rate and time show how quickly and consistently you reply to organizers who want to know your availability. They appear on your artist page. We calculate response rate and response time, by taking the last 90 days into account, and display our calculations in percentage. We consider a response to be one of these things:

  • Accepting or declining a booking request
  • Replying to a guest who has submitted a booking request
  • The time an artist takes to reply to their first message.

The response rate measures the percentage of new enquiries and reservation requests you respond to. It is calculated based on the enquiries and requests you have received in the past 90 days.

A low response-rate could result in the deactivation of the artist's page

Why can’t I call or email a Organizer or artist before booking?
How do I know if a booking is confirmed?
What happens if the organizer cancels a booking?
What are the cancellation policies I can choose for my listing?
How do I cancel a confirmed booking as an artist?