Stagend releases your payout approximately 24 hours after the event. After we release the payout, it takes some additional time for the money to arrive depending on your payment processor. Average processing time per payout method:

  • Bank transfer / International wire: 1 to 7 business days
  • PayPal: Within a few hours

Many banking systems don't process transactions on weekends or holidays. Therefore, a payout released between Friday and Sunday might not be processed until Monday, and your payout might not be reflected in your account until Wednesday. It’s also possible for a processor to experience technical issues or other extenuating circumstances that could cause your payout to take longer than usual to arrive. You can check on the status of your payouts at any time in your Transaction History. Payouts subtract the Artist fees from the amount paid by the Organizer.

Our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient, supporting many currencies (CHF & EUR) and several types of payment and payout methods.

Payment: the money a organizer pays for a booking.

Payout: the money an artist receives for a booking.

When the organizer confirms a booking to the artist, the organizer provides his or her payment details and the payment is processed and collected by Stagend in full. Whether the event is two days or two months away, we will hold the payment until the day of the event, and the day after we will transfer the payout to the artist. Stagend does not endorse cash payments. In order to uphold our Terms of Service, transactions must take place on the site. By completing your transactions on the site, the security of your funds is ensured, and you’ll be protected by policies, such as cancellation policies. Read more about payments and payouts.

Add a payout method here /booking/manage/. Click “Add Payout Method” to see the list of payout options.

When a payout is ready to be paid to you, it will be released to your payout method for processing. Processing times vary. Here are some tips for adding each payout method:

  • Bank transfer / International wire: depending on your location, you may need to enter your account number or IBAN. Your bank can provide you all the necessary details. Bank fees may apply.
  • PayPal: your PayPal account is an email address. Please make sure that it is activated on PayPal. (Reminder: PayPal takes withdrawal fee)

In order to protect your privacy, please do not include specific payout or bank account details in any written correspondence with Stagend.

To see details on any of your payouts, visit your Transaction History. Your payout will be the listing price minus the Artist fees to cover the cost of processing payments. Organizer pays the cachet in addition to a 4% to 30% organizer service fee, which explains why they see a total that is higher than what you quoted.