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How will my email address look to other people?
What do I do if an organizer wants to meet before booking?
How are my response rate and response time calculated?
Why can’t I call or email a Organizer or artist before booking?
How do I know if a booking is confirmed?
What happens if the organizer cancels a booking?
What are the cancellation policies I can choose for my listing?

Currently you can choose to use one of the following terms of cancellation:

Standard (Default): full refund up until 30 hours prior to event. 50% refund from the 30th hour prior the event up to the event moment. Except fees.

Example: if the organizer cancels the event 30 hours prior to the event, he gets back 100% of the cachet. If he cancels later, the artist takes 50% of the cachet.

Moderate: full refund up to 4 weeks before the event. Refund of 50% from 4 to 2 weeks prior to the event. Service costs excluded.

Example: if the organizer cancels the event four weeks prior will be fully refunded. If the event is canceled two weeks before the artist will receive 50% of the amount, and if the event is canceled during the 2 weeks before the event the artist will receive the entire the amount.

Strict: no refund provided before the event in case of cancellation by the organizer. Exceptions to this policy may be granted only on exceptional and justified events.

Example: if the organizer cancels the event the full amount established will be paid to the artist.

If the organizer cancels the booking, your payout is determined by the cancellation policy you had in place at the time of booking. You can refund the organizer more than the policy allows: please contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

How do I cancel a confirmed booking as an artist?