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My bookings

How will my email address look to other people?
What do I do if an organizer wants to meet before booking?
How are my response rate and response time calculated?
Why can’t I call or email a Organizer or artist before booking?
How do I know if a booking is confirmed?
What happens if the organizer cancels a booking?
What are the cancellation policies I can choose for my listing?
How do I cancel a confirmed booking as an artist?

In the event that you must cancel, we kindly urge you to do so right away. Please contact the organizer to explain, then officially cancel the booking as soon as possible on Stagend at your Dashboard > Requests for You > Details. In the booking page, just cancel the booking. This is an essential first step, as it provides the organizer with the opportunity to find another artist.

Your booking is officially cancelled when the status says “Canceled” in your Stagend account. Otherwise, the reservation has not been officially cancelled in our system. By cancelling a booking in your account, please note that you will be recorded as the party responsible for initiating the cancellation, effective immediately.

Because artist cancellations require additional customer support, as well as funds for securing last-minute artists, the following actions may be applied: you may be subject to a cancellation fee if you cancel more than once. This will be taken from your next payout.

The organizer is fully refunded if you cancel before the event, and you will receive no payout. When you cancel a confirmed booking, please know your cancellation policy will no longer determine your payout, and the organizer will be fully refunded.