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When do I get paid?
How does the Stagend payment system work?
How do I add a payout method?

Add a payout method here Click “Add Payout Method” to see the list of payout options.

When a payout is ready to be paid to you, it will be released to your payout method for processing. Processing times vary. Here are some tips for adding each payout method:

  • Bank transfer / International wire: depending on your location, you may need to enter your account number or IBAN. Your bank can provide you all the necessary details. Bank fees may apply.
  • PayPal: your PayPal account is an email address. Please make sure that it is activated on PayPal. (Reminder: PayPal takes withdrawal fee)

In order to protect your privacy, please do not include specific payout or bank account details in any written correspondence with Stagend.

What will my payout be?