Only CHF 341.- is all it takes for you to be in.

You can become a co-owner of Stagend

3 minutes reading (29 May 2023)


We've already announced it here and there, and maybe you've already got it, but we simply want to say it again: on the 26th of May 2023, the crowdinvesting campaign has officially started, giving you the chance to buy shares and become a co-owner of Stagend.

More information about the investment opportunity as well as details, facts and figures about Stagend are available here:

We have big plans and you can join us on our journey

To drive Stagend's growth, we've set goals that we've divided into four parts:

  1. We want to push proactive sales and increase the number of bookings and their budgets.
  2. There's always room for improvement, and although we've already improved our AI system quite a bit, we always strive to develop it further to increase the success rate.
  3. We have embraced values and visions that are important to us and that we want to share. In order to promote our identity and strengthen the relationship with our partners and customers, we'd like to implement a large-scale digital branding project.
  4. The user experience is very important for satisfaction and customer loyalty, and as close our relationship with our entertainers and customers already is, we want to further nurture and intensify the relationship by offering a system that is easy to use on the one hand, and increases profitability up to the break-even point on the other hand - the crowning final project.

Your investment advantages

There are three possible scenarios in the future:

  1. As Stagend grows, the value of the shares also increases. If a new investor were to come in, he might want to buy the participation certificates from the current shareholders. You then have the opportunity to decide whether or not to sell at the valuation at that time.
  2. There’s a chance that the startup decides to sell to another company. In this case (exit), the proceeds of the sale are distributed pro rata to all shareholders.
  3. In case there is a profit, the company may decide to pay a dividend. However, at this point we'd like to say that the profits of the next 2-3 years will be reinvested in order to maximise the company's growth and valuation.
Do you have any further questions?

If you'd like more information and an overall financial overview, you can either visit the "Overview" and "Details" sections at or send us an email at [email protected] at any time.



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