Booking an artist

Booking an artist
Booking an artist

Get started by searching for an artist on Stagend by entering your location’s event and the entertainment type you are looking for. Your search results show artists that have availability for the dates of your event.

While we strongly encourage all artists to keep their calendars up to date, we encourage you to send the artist a message to double check about their availability. Once you confirmed all details with artist and artist confirm the details, you will be able to confirm the booking.

Cancellation policies are the conditions under which an artist will return (or doesn’t return) money to an organizer upon the organizer cancelling the booking.

Cancellation policies protect artists in the event of unexpected organizers cancellations. Each artist on Stagend has a cancellation policy. We strongly recommend reviewing all cancellation policies before confirming a booking. You must agree to the artist's cancellation policy to confirm a booking.

If you already have a confirmed booking, you can find the cancellation policy on your summary. If you need to cancel your booking, you’ll be refunded according to your artist cancellation policy. If your artist needs to cancel its performance, you can choose to rebook with another artist or to be fully refunded.

Email addresses and phone numbers are shared after a booking has been accepted. You can find this information in your messages page on the right or in the final confirmation. Before accepting a booking request, you can use the messaging system on the site to communicate.

In order to maintain your safety and privacy, all contact between artists and organizers needs to be handled on the site before a booking is accepted. If you need a call with the organizer or artist, please contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

If you attempt to exchange email addresses or phone numbers before having an accepted booking, this information will be automatically removed. Continued attempts at transacting offline may result in your removal from the site. Learn more about why it’s good to keep communication and transactions on Stagend.

If you do not have a confirmed booking: most artists reply to messages within a few hours. If an artist has not responded to your enquiry, feel free to reach out to other artists in the area. It is up to artists to respond to you in a timely fashion or risk losing their chance to perform for you.

If you have a confirmed booking: most artists reply to messages within a few hours. Make sure to try all means of contacting your artist. If you're having difficulty reaching him or her via the Stagend messaging system, try email and phone. Refer to your summary for this contact information. Please ensure you have:

  • Checked your email inbox associated with your Stagend account
  • Checked the Stagend message thread
  • Called your artist
  • Emailed your artist

If you still didn’t receive any answer: contact us to help you contact your artist and assist with making alternative choice should we be unable to reach your artist. Our Organizer Refund Policy supports you in the event your artist fails to answer you: we can either fully refund you or transfer your payment to a new artist on Stagend.